Provenance: A Cultivation Story:

Provenance is the story of a young cultivator named Galien, who wants nothing more but to gain enough power and status to move his family out of the cold and dark Northern Sect capital that they call home and down to the thriving Clan capital of Epiria. When he travels to the prestigious and wealthy cultivation school in the city of Wind’s Embrace, he quickly learns that there is much more to the world than his small family and his newfound friends. He is thrust into conflicts he didn’t know existed and his story turns from one of simple advancement into one of desperate survival.

Wind’s Embrace:

Wind’s Embrace is the first book in a new series that sets up the unique world of Provenance and introduces readers to a cultivation system built on dreams. In this first epic installment, readers will learn how the governments works, how cultivators, or Dreamers, live and thrive, how a new form of currency and commerce functions in a world that is vastly different from our own, and finally how Sleeper’s Sand, the energy of the world and of Dreamers, functions and interacts with both society and nature itself.

Sleeper’s Sand:

Sleeper’s Sand is the energy of a cultivator. Everyone is born with a small amount of Sleeper’s Sand in their minds. This, in fact, is what allows people to dream. As babies grow, some are found to have a greater concentration of Sleeper’s Sand in their system, and they are raised as cultivators, or Dreamers, as they are known in Provenance. One who never seeks to use Sleeper’s Sand to their advantage is known by cultivators as a “Sleeper.” Once one begins their cultivation journey, they are then considered at the “Dreamer Rank.” From there, different milestones in one’s cultivation moves them through different Ranks. Once one reaches the Rank of “Aware,” they are then eligible for formal instruction at one of the Schools that are found in the various capital cities of the Known Contient. This is where the story begins, and the reader is introduced to the narrator, Galien Minefrost.

The Series:

Provenance: A Cultivation Story will have 7 installments. Each book will introduce new adventures, powers, and characters to push the story forward. Wind’s Embrace, the premiere, is currently going through edits before publishers are invited to participate. Its sequel is currently being written. Follow Evan’s Facebook page for weekly updates.


Wind’s Embrace
The Known Continent
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