Book I of Provenance: A Cultivation Story

Wind’s Embrace

Provenance is a world built on dreams. Sleeper’s Sand, the energy of a cultivator, saturates the known world. It lives in the ground and the air, animals can feel it and seek it, and Dreamers bend it to their will.
Galien Minefrost has always been a gifted Dreamer – one who cultivates Sleeper’s Sand – but now that he has reached the Aware Rank at the young age of thirteen, he dreams of distant lands where his abilities can be truly developed. Trapped by their lives in a Northern capital, Galien’s parents have enrolled their only child in a distant School for Dreamers in the wealthy city of Wind’s Embrace. It is there that Galien will begin to uncover the true potential of his abilities while he embraces new friends, and is challenged by foreign customs and looming dangers.
With supernatural powers, strength, and cognition within his grasp, Galien must master his newfound abilities faster than he intended when mysteries abound and long dormant foes arise. Now he must fight to save everything he holds dear.
The First Dreamer’s warning rings in the ear of every cultivator. Your dreams are real – what will you do now?

The story of

Evan Parrott

Evan Parrott is the author of Provenance: A Cultivation Story.

Evan Parrott is the author of Provenance: A Cultivation Story. He grew up in central British Columbia, Canada, where his love of the outdoors, fantasy, and the written word was born. He spent his childhood imagining grand worlds and acting them out with sticks and fake weapons – games which his young friends and older brother were more than happy to take part in.

Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter” – Homer Iliad. Book 22. Line 232.

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