Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter

Homer Iliad. Book 22. Line 232

Evan Parrott is the author of Provenance: A Cultivation Story. He grew up in central British Columbia, Canada, where his love of the outdoors, fantasy, and the written word was born. He spent his childhood imagining grand worlds and acting them out with sticks and fake weapons – games which his young friends and older brother were more than happy to take part in. When a coherent world started to take place in his teenage years, he imagined a magical people, named after a popular race from a beloved card game. When Evan created a language and started to write his first real novel, he changed the name to The Cyvonian so that it was now purely his own idea.

The Cyvonian sparked a fire that would lead to his first real series. Although it was never finished, the original Cyvonian books birthed Evan’s love of writing fantasy novels. While still in high school, Evan finished a separate novel entitled Dare to Dream, which he self-published in 2010. It is this book that stood as the foundation for his new series, which is his first real step into the literary world. Wind’s Embrace, the breakout novel for Provenance: A Cultivation Story is the culmination of over a decade of planning and world building that will synthesize the ideas of The Cyvonian and Dare to Dream into a grand cultivation fantasy series. 

Evan received his Bachelor of Arts, double major in English literature and Greek and Roman studies, with a focus in Homeric Mythology, from the University of Victoria. He loves to read, enjoys the outdoors, and above all else, he loves Star Wars. Yes, all of Star Wars. He currently lives in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, with his wife, Madde, his bunny, Lilly, and his cat, Atlas.



Evan is born and the cosmos quaked for it knew that stupid puns were only a few short years away.


Evan writes his first novella entitled School Fugitive.


Evan receives his first copies of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series and falls in love with the fantasy genre. He also begins to write the first of the Cyvonian books without a full comprehension of what he was creating.


The Cyvonian race is born in Evan’s mind and takes over his imaginary games with his friends. He begins to create the language and builds a full origin story and mythological religion.


Evan writes The Ruins of Life, book 2 of The Cyvonian series and submits it for a class project.


Evan comes up with ideas for book 3 and book 4, The Land of the Souls and The Soul Catcher. Land of the Souls is never finished and The Soul Catcher, although fully planned, is never written. In late 2006, Evan abandons writing The Cyvonian series, admitting that his writing abilities can not yet properly capture what he wants the story to say. Instead, he starts a new book, fueled by a newfound love of dreams.


Evan writes ¾ of Dare to Dream by hand, while peer tutoring younger students in high school. He also uses Dare to Dream for a project in his Creative Writing class. The manuscript is completed in late 2007.


Evan graduates high school and travels to Victoria, BC for university. He adds in a new chapter into the manuscript for Dare to Dream, finally calling the book complete.


Evan discovers a love for Greek mythology and begins writing Greek pocket epic poems. He presents the first and greatest of these at the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Conference. The poem invents a new Greek myth entitled Battle Divine.


Evan self-publishes Dare to Dream, however, due to financial reasons, only 120 copies are ever printed.


Evan begins writing the sequel to Dare to Dream, entitled The Dream Caster. It is never finished.


Evan graduates from UVic with a Bachelor of Arts, double major in English and Greek and Roman Studies. In late 2012, Evan moved to Calgary, AB.


Evan meets Madde Appleton, the poor soul who will end up having to put up with his jokes for the rest of her life.


Evan and Madde, newly engaged, move to Penticton, BC.


They got married!


In early 2022, after becoming enthralled by the subgenre of cultivation fantasy, Evan starts to repurpose the ideas in Dare to Dream. He created world maps, a cultivation system, an origin story, currency, government, and eventually the world of Provenance was born. In February, he began writing Wind’s Embrace. In October, he completed the first draft of the first book of the series and editing began.

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